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Attendance also called Weekly Academic Contact (WAC) is done a little differently at BELA. Student's attendance is recorded only once per week and counts for the entire week. This contact must be between the student and teacher(s) and have the purpose of instruction, review of assignments, testing, evaluation of student progress, or other learning activities.

BELA students are expected to attend weekly on campus sessions for our required weekly contact.

IF a student will not attend the session for ANY reason, the following are alternate ways to meet the WAC as long as they are completed prior to midday on the last school day of that week..


Complete work and submit to the teacher for scoring and comments by the teacher in Accelerate Education.
Submit work or any communication to the teacher via email or Clever. Schedule and attend a phone, Zoom or Individual in person appointment that week.



Two-way weekly contact with a certificated teacher related to the instructional goals outlined in the WSLP. Contact can be:

  •   Direct personal contact, which is one-to-one contact with a teacher. Direct personal contact can be in person or by email, telephone, instant messaging, or interactive video (Zoom).
  •  In-person instructional contact, which is face-to-face contact with a teacher in a classroom. In-person instructional contact may be accomplished in a group setting between the certificated teacher and multiple students.

  •  Synchronous digital instruction contact, which is real-time communication with a teacher using online, voice, or video communication technology. Synchronous digital instructional contact may be accomplished in a group setting between the teacher and multiple students


Attendance is the number one indicator of student success. At BELA, missing just ONE weekly contact accounts for FIVE (5) school days. Attendance is monitored both consecutive (in a row) AND cumulative (over the school year). The BELA staff monitor student attendance weekly and have developed a set of steps to help engage students and help remove potential barriers.

Missed Weekly Academic Contact Step Progression:

Week 1:  Phone call and mail to parent/student
Week 2:  A phone call from the attendance team
Week 3:  Attendance meeting #1 with the student support team
Week 4:  Grace week to implement interventions
Week 5:  Attendance meeting #2 with administration
Week 6:  Potential BECCA paperwork filed with Pierce County courts