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Student Support

Student Support

Weekly On Campus Class Sessions:

Weekly class on campus sessions are held for all students in Kindergarten through 5th grade with their classroom teacher and classmates. The purpose of this meeting time is to develop strong relationships with classmates and the teacher. Research shows that when students feel connected to their teachers and peers, students perform better in school. The teacher will provide lessons to review grade level reading and math skills. Also, this time is used to provide instruction in Science, Social Studies and Social/Emotional skills (based on the Second Step curriculum used in District school buildings.).


Individual Appointments:

Students and learning coaches may schedule individual appointments with teachers as needed. These can be valuable times of learning together how to better meet the needs of each student and learning coach. In addition, if a student is struggling with work or in class activities, the teacher will reach out to meet with the coach and student. The purpose of these meetings is for the teacher to give feedback on the student's academic progress. The teacher may also conduct other assessments to monitor student progress.